Amazon Mytv Activation Guide 2023


From a large retail company serving the world market, Amazon has diverse to the streaming industry through the Amazon Prime Video platform as part of their growth strategy.
As of now, you can enjoy the unlimited content of Amazon Prime Video on any device, including a Smartphone, computer, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Smart TV, Android TV, Roku, and Firestick. To do this, you will have to complete the Amazon MyTV device activation, which can be challenging for most of us. And so, to help with this, we will highlight activation steps as well as discuss other things to note about this Amazon Mytv Activation

Steps on how to activate Amazon Prime Video

Follow through the steps below on any compatible device to activate Amazon Prime Video;
• From the Google play store or Apple store, download and install the Amazon TV application on your device.
• Open the app on your device.
• Choose to register my device option
• Note down the 6-character, Amazon myTV code that pops up on your screen for later use.
• Now you log in with your Google account details, username, and password.
• Log in as a new user by pressing the round button, followed by ‘login using a secure host.’
• Key in your password if you have an existing free account.
• After logging in, enter the activation code you noted and click on the ‘continue’ button.
• For renting or buying amazon instant videos, you can permit a 1-click payment feature.
• Continue by setting up your payment system and choosing your billing address.
• Buy PIN
By following these steps, Amazon Prime Video will be successfully activated on your device.

Steps on how to register Amazon Prime on your TV using myTV.

Here is how to register your TV on Amazon by following the step-by-step instructions;
• Launch your TV and go to the app store, and search for ‘Amazon Prime.’
• Download and install it on your TV; it must be compatible for this to work.
• Select to open the Amazon Prime Video app on your TV.
• Use your remote to choose the register option.
• Note down the 6-character Amazon myTV activation code, which will appear on your TV screen.
• Visit on your computer or phone.
• Log in to your Amazon Prime account, and click ‘continue.’ Amazon will text you with a one-time password (OTP) to authenticate your request.
• Enter the ‘OTP’ code sent to your phone number and click ‘continue’ to verify the code.
• Enter the Amazon myTV activation code on your TV Screen, and click ‘register devices.’
A message will appear on your TV indicating that you have successfully linked your Amazon Prime account to your TV.

FAQs on Amazon Mytv

Which devices support Amazon Mytv?
You might be asking yourself what amazon Prime Video device support is like and if you can use it on all your favorite devices. Well, most modern internet-enabled devices support Amazon myTV since the internet is a key factor that enables you to access Amazon myTV through Amazon Prime Video’s official website and stream the content of your choice. For high-quality images, you need to have a fast and reliable internet connection for you to have an enjoyable watching experience.
Devices that support amazon myTV;
• Smart TVs. Samsun, Song, LG, Hisense, TLC, JVC, Panasonic, Xiaomi, and Philips. These are among the top brands supported.
• Mobile devices. The latest android and iOS devices support the Amazon Prime Video Application.
• Amazon devices. Amazon fire TV stick, Fire table, and Echo devices are impressively supported.
• Desktop PCs. Though Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari, you can easily access the website since these browsers are supported.
• Media Players. Roku, Apple TV, TiVo, and Google Chromecast are all supported.
• Gaming console. Consoles like Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation S, and X are among the supported ones
• Blu-Ray Players. Some players from Samsun, LG, Sony and Panasonic are among the supported devices.
Where to enter the device activation code?
Are you a new user wondering where to insert the Amazon activation code? Well, we have just the right answer for you. During the registration process, you will get the activation code.
• Open the Amazon Prime Video app on your streaming device.
• Click on the ‘register on Amazon’ button and log in with your Google account details, username, and password.
• Note down the activation code that appears on your screen afterward.
• Visit on your PC or Smartphone and provide the required Amazon myTV login details.
• Insert the activation code on the blank field being displayed.
That’s all; then you press register device.
How long is the Amazon Mytv Activation code?
The Amazon myTV code is 6 digits long, unlike the activation code of other platforms.
Do I need to Verify My Amazon Mytv details?
For safety purposes, you will definitely be required to confirm your credentials. Below is a verification process that you need to follow in order to be verified.
• By using your current phone number or email address, request the verification code by choosing either through text or email.
• The next thing you will get will be either a call or a text with your confirmation codes.
• You click the ‘send to page’ text message to be notified.
• Also, you can use the ‘call me now button to verify your phone number.
What features do you unlock by activating Amazon Mytv?
A variety of Amazon Prime this includes;
• Download and watch the content separately, at anytime and anywhere.
• Chromecast your iPad and iPhone to a big screen.
• If you have Apple TV 3rd era, you can watch Apple TV by downloading and installing the TV’s operating system.
How do you activate amazon prime 30-day free trial?
Want to sign up and take advantage of Prime Ealy Access scale discounts? A free 30-day trial is a way to go. However, this option is only available to users new to Amazon Prime membership or those who haven’t been members in the last 12 months.
For you to earn the free trial, you have to sign up with Amazon Prime Video and give a new phone number and email address. In the next step, you will need a credit card to set up your trial membership. Select and pay for your preferred subscription plan. And finally, your 30-day free trial will be activated
Final Thought
It’s, therefore, important to activate Amazon myTV for you to be allowed to unlock features of the Amazon Prime Video application on your devices. If you fail to activate Amazon myTV, you will find it hard to watch and even access the content you’re looking for. It’s very easy and simple to follow the activation process. Therefore, don’t miss out on the entertaining and interesting content on Amazon Prime Video. Thank you for stopping by, and hope you find our information helpful.