9 tips and tricks for beginners in Genshin Impact


In this article, we will give you 9 tips and tricks for you to progress much faster in Genshin Impact. You are welcome to have your own opinion, but these tips are the ones we always use.

1. XP Book

Do not spend experience books on your first characters. Wait to use it on your main DPS, so that he can help you progress in the game quickly. Do not waste your books on Amber or other worthless characters.

2. Resin

Use your daily Resin to do Bosses and Book of Talent Domain. Keep the most daily Resin you can to use it as a resource to craft higher quality ones and use it on better characters in the future.

3. Artefacts

Don’t bother to upgrade artefacts lower than 4 and 5 stars. The lower-level artefacts are not worthy to level up since you will be able to find much better ones later on. 

Keep your artefacts to be used as material to level up artefacts with 4 and 5 stars, those of who you will find later on your journey.

4. Improving your Weapons

The same rule applies to weapons! Don’t bother to improve your lower-level weapons with wishes, you will find a lot better weapons later on your campaign. Only a few 3 stars weapons are really useful for your characters to use! Save up your weapons to be used as material to improve your higher-level weapons later on.

5. Daily Commissions

Try to always do your daily commissions and explore the map as much as you can, to be able to find stashes and gather checkpoints! All these actions will give material to make wishes and get new characters.

6. Abysm

Once you have the Abysm unlocked, you should always do it, even tho your Abysm level is not as high! Finishing one floor will give you a lot of Wishes, artefacts, etc… Don’t miss this opportunity to get ahead in the game, even if you can only clear one level. 

7. Wishes

Do not use your Wishes on any banner and save it up for when you have a DPSer banner to use your Wishes. E.g: Diluc, Keqing, or any other DPS character, you should use all your wishes on these DPS characters.

8. Optimizing your gameplay

Every day, do the same path to get the maximum amount of ascending material possible! On the first ascensions, you don’t have to use a lot of material, however the higher the ascending level, the more materials you will need. Start to save up as early as possible, you can use this website to plan your route:


9. Map

After planning your route, pin the areas you want to save on your map, for you to familiarize yourself with the locations more easily! You can personalize your path in different ways according to the material you wish to gather.