Best APPs to Add Stickers to Photos Images


Stickers can help your photos look more interesting and attractive. If you want to express your emotions with others particularly on social media, it is more effective to add stickers on photos. To achieve this, you should have apps to add stickers to photos. In this article we list some of the most renowned apps for you.

1. Photo Wonder: Photo Stickers & Other Tools

Photo Wonder, an app for iPhone & Android, contains a large number of features and different types of photo editing tools.

It has four main tools with professional features: photo editing tools, photo collage maker tool, live photo filter option and photo materials.

As a fully functional photo editing app, it has almost all necessary features, such as face beautifier, water reflection, one touch object remover and makeup tool. It also contains weekly updated photo stickers and a sticker maker tool. With the tool, you can create your own animated emojis and photo stickers.

2. Messenger

There are built-in stickers on Facebook Messenger and you can apply them to your image. But due to the limited number of stickers on the app, you should follow the steps below to learn more about how to use the app.

First, tap the “Gallery” icon on the app and choose a photo from your phone library you want to add a sticker. Then tap the “White Smiley Face” icon at the right side of the screen to add a sticker. You will see a list of stickers then. Next, tap and hold the sticker to adjust its size, position, and change the sticker’s size by zooming in and zooming out with your fingers. Lastly, tap the “Arrow” to add it to your story, and tap the “Save” icon at the bottom part of the screen to save it in your device.

3. Fotor: Editor & Photo Stickers

Fotor comes with a great number of useful editing options including weekly updated photo stickers and photo frames. The app supports both iPhone and Android.

There are numerous useful options such as photo editing tools, photo collage maker tools, stylish photo filters, 300+ photo effects, and weekly updated photo stickers.

You can add funny photo stickers on your photos. If you want to change your look or create funny photos, try funny photo stickers on them.

4. Instagram

You can use collected stickers on the app for your photos. You can also apply other functions such as text, filters, and other awesome features.

First, tap the “Camera” icon on the app to import the photo you want to add a sticker. Then tap the “Smiley face” icon at the top right corner to access hundreds of stickers within the app. Select a specific sticker or style there. Finally, tap the “Save” icon to save it. You can also tap the “Send to” button to send it with your friends.

5. iCollages Pro: Collage & Photo Sticker

iCollages Pro is a photo sticker app for iPhone. It would be the best option for you if you want to try different types of photo stickers on your photographs.

There are a lot of useful tools on the app, such as grid collage maker, freeform collage maker, meme maker and hundreds of photo stickers. You can use photo stickers in various categories to edit your photo or create funny memes.

6. PicTouch Editor & Photo Stickers

PicTouch is a photo editing application for iPhone. You can add a lot of realistic photo stickers to your photographs easily. There are hundreds of realistic photo stickers such as moustaches, beards, and hair wigs.

The app offers you a quick photo collage maker tool, photo frames, photo stickers, photo editing tools, colour balancing tool, photo filters and some more useful options.

With the app, you can try different styles of clothes, suites and super hero costumes on your face. You can also use the amazing tools to edit, retouch and enhance your photographs. With lots of photos you can create awesome photo collages.

7. PicsArt Photo Studio With Stickers

PicsArt Photo Studio offers free custom stickers and user generated stickers. It is a perfect photo stickers app for iPhone & Android.

With thousands of editing options on the app, you can edit, retouch and enhance your photographs like professionals. It includes professional photo editor, photo collage maker tool with lots of options, 200+ fonts, and custom stickers.

The app also has some unique features such as photo remix option, sticker maker tool, and photo sharing option. If you want to add photo stickers on your photographs, try this awesome app on your smartphone.

8. FotoRus -Camera & Photo Editor

Fotorus, an iOS app, has multiple built-in stickers with different topics. You can also customize your photos by adding filters, texts, enhance, and others.

The steps are is simple to learn. First, tap the “Pro Edit” option on the app to select the photo on your Camera roll you want to edit. Then tap the “Stickers” icon and choose a sticker for your image. Put the stickers on your image and tap the “Check” icon to save it on your album.

9. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is for Android. It is a reliable app to add stickers to photos. This app offers different stickers you can add to your image with different themes. Below is a simple guide for you.

First, tap the “Photo” button on the app to choose the image you want to edit. Then tap the “Stickers” icon to select the sticker you want to add on your photo. Afterwards, tap and hold the sticker to resize, flip, or duplicate, and place it on your image. Then tap the “Check” icon. Finally, tap the “Save” option on the upper right corner interface and then click “Save” to save it on your device.